Terms & Conditions


‘iStreet’ is a trading name of iStreet Giving Limited, whose registered office is located at Clydesdale House, 1-5 Queen Street, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP1 1SW (company number 00695565). iStreet has the right to use the following domain names 'www.istreet.org.uk' and 'www.istreetshopping.co.uk', the use of which is subject to the following terms and conditions.

If you do not accept these terms of use, please do not use this Website. Your continued use of this site confirms your acceptance of these terms.

1. Meanings of certain words or expressions

‘Cause’ means a principle, aim, or movement with good intentions
'Click Through’ means when a person, automated script, or computer program activates a link which is displayed on a participant's advert or logo which appears as displayed within the website
'Commission’ or ‘Commissions’ is the term used to describe the monies received from the online-retailers and iStreet’s own search engine
‘Content’ means any accessible or available content held on the iStreet website
‘Donate’, ‘Donation’ or ‘Donated’ are the terms used to describe the monies iStreet will allocate to charity
‘Register’ means the process of completing an application with iStreet
‘Registered’ is a term used to describe a charity or individual who has already signed up to iStreet
'Supporter' is a term used to describe an iStreet shopper who has signed-up
‘Terms and Conditions’ means these terms and conditions
‘Un-Registered’ is a term used to describe a charity which is being supported by a user but has not yet provided full sign-up details
‘Website’ means the iStreet website
‘We’, ‘Us’ or ‘Our’ are all references to iStreet.

2. Main Points

2.1 iStreet enables you to generate and give a percentage of your online shopping back to a cause/charity.
2.2 iStreet aims to work with thousands of websites and retailers.
2.3 Our service is completely free to you and your cause.
2.4 It is not necessary to register with us in order to use most parts of this Website, however, particular areas of this Website will be accessible only if you have registered.
2.5 Your privacy is of the upmost importance to us. Please see our privacy policy for more information on this.

3. Formal notices

3.1 These Terms and Conditions do require amendments or updates infrequently. Consequently it remains your responsibility to keep updated and to adhere to any of these changes. Your use of iStreet is governed through the latest version of this document.

4. Legal notices

4.1 Trademark:

4.1.1 iStreet ™, www.istreet.org.uk, the iStreet logo, and any product or service that we present on our website, may not be used in connection with any other product or service that is not iStreet’s.

4.2 Copyright:

4.2.1 www.istreet.org.uk is protected by copyright.
4.2.2 All content on the website is owned by iStreet, our supported causes/charities, or other original providers, and is protected by the applicable intellectual property and proprietary rights and laws.

5. Scope of license

5.1 The use of www.istreet.org.uk is strictly permitted by the terms in this agreement. You may not:

5.1.1 Remove, decompile, disassemble or reverse engineer any website software.
5.1.2 Give access or share this document with any third party.

6. Consumer rights

6.1 iStreet is a click through website; consequently, the transactions made are not directly through us.
6.2 iStreet holds no responsibility for the transactions made between you and the retailer or for the goods purchased.

7. Supporters

7.1 To become a supporter you must accept these terms and conditions and register with iStreet online.
7.2 As a supporter you have access to tracking data showing how much your cause has generated.  iStreet cannot be held responsible for the accuracy of these totals.
7.3 Your individual tota's will be shown as confirmed, declined and pending.
7.4 You will also be able to see your causes' total, which is made up of confirmed and paid amounts.

7.5 iStreet cannot be held responsible for any untracked or declined sale.

8. Donation Percentages

8.1 iStreet requires no sign up.
8.2 As an iStreet user you earn a percentage back of your online shopping which is donated to your chosen cause.
8.3 iStreet receives commission from retailers through the use of affiliate schemes. On receipt of this commission iStreet calculates and distributes a percentage  to charity.
8.4 Occasionally the donation amounts shown on the iStreet website may be incorrect. This is due to retailers, on occasion, varying their commission percentages.
8.5 Payments from the affiliate sites can take 60 days or more to be processed and cleared for donation.
8.6 Should you return an item for refund to the retailer, iStreet will amend the donation accordingly.
8.7 iStreet holds no responsibility should a retailer decide not to give commission. This is entirely at the retailer's discretion.

9. Untracked Sales

9.1 iStreet cannot be held resposible for any untracked sales
9.2 Some sales may go untracked if the following browser settings are not enabled:

9.2.1 It is important to have your cookies enabled, as retailers use these to track your donations.
9.2.2 Sessions also need to be enabled whilst using iStreet.
9.2.3 Advert blocking software can also include cookie blocking measures, so it’s important either to configure these or to turn off whilst using iStreet.

9.3 Unfortunately some retailers do not offer tracking from mobile sales. This is still the case when using the iStreet App.

10. Charities

10.1 iStreet allows you to raise monies for the charities listed on www.istreet.org.uk.
10.2 iStreet will continue to add new and existing charities (To see if your charity meets the criteria see Clause 12 below).


11.1 iStreet allows you to raise monies for causes listed on www.istreet.org.uk
11.2 iStreet will continue to add new and existing good causes (To see if your charity meets the criteria see Clause 12 below)

12. Charity or Good Cause iStreet Criteria

12.1Your Charity or Cause must meet one of the following criteria to be eligible to use iStreet:

12.1.1 Office of Scottish Charity Register
12.1.2 The Charities Commission Northern Ireland
12.1.3 Community Amateur Sports Club
12.1.4 UK Charity Commission
12.1.5 Other organisation pre-approved by iStreet

13. Donation Percentages given to Charities and Causes

13.1 iStreet aims to donate a minimum of 60% of the received commission. This is dependent on whether the charity or cause is registered or unregistered (See Clauses 16 & 17)

14. Payment Schedule

14.1 iStreet operates with a payment threshold of £15 per charity/cause.
14.2 Donations raised are given to your charity/ cause on a quarterly basis. Dates for these donations are as follows:

14.2.1 Q1 is from January 1st – March 31st (Payment Date - 31st May)
14.2.2 Q2 is from April 1st – June 30th  (Payment Date - 31st August)
14.2.3 Q3 is from July 1st – September 30th (Payment Date - 30th November)
14.2.4 Q4 is from October 1st – December 31st (Payment date 28th February)

14.3 Donations are subject to public holidays and weekends.
14.4 Payment is further subject to the charities' compliance with iStreet Giving’s Charity Agreement.

15. iStreet search engine donation allocation

15.1 iStreet receives commission from the use of its search engine via sponsored links.
15.2 See Clause 14 to see how iStreet donates this commission.

16. Registered Charity

16.1 As an active charity, you agree to appoint iStreet Giving as a non-exclusive licensee to use your name and logo in connection with iStreet’s website and related promotional materials, programmes and applications.
16.2 Registered charities will receive 80% of the commission.

17. Unregistered Charity

17.1 As an un-registered charity iStreet will track all donations, until you are converted to a registered charity. Donations can only be received once iStreet has been provided with the correct bank details, email and charity number.
17.2 Unregistered charities will receive 60% of the commission.

18. Termination

18.1 In the event a charity or cause is not satisfied with iStreet Giving’s service, it can request to be terminated with immediate effect.
18.2 iStreet can terminate a charity or cause at any point.
18.3 In the event of a charity or cause de-registering/ terminating before the quarterly payments (See Clause14.2) iStreet will donate the raised commission to Whizz-Kidz, iStreet’s current charity of the year.

19. Use of Website

19.1 This Website may be used for your own private purposes and in accordance with these terms of use.
19.2 You may print and download material from this Website provided that you do not modify or reproduce any content without our prior written consent. 

20. Site Uptime

20.1 All reasonable measures are taken by us to ensure that this Website is operational all day, every day. However, occasionally, technical issues may result in some downtime and accordingly we will not be liable if this website is unavailable at any time.
20.2 Where possible we always try to give advance warning of maintenance issues that may result in Website down time but we shall not be obliged to provide such notice.

21. Visitor Provided Material

21.1 Any material that a visitor to this Website sends or posts to this Website shall be considered non-proprietary and non-confidential. We shall be entitled to copy, disclose, distribute or use for such other purpose as we deem appropriate all material provided to us, with the exception of personal information, the use of which is covered under our Privacy Policy. 

21.2 When using this website you shall not post or send to or from this Website any material:

21.2.1 For which you have not obtained all necessary consents.
21.2.2 That is discriminatory, obscene, pornographic, defamatory, liable to incite racial hatred, in breach of confidentiality or privacy, which may cause annoyance or inconvenience to others, which encourages or constitutes conduct that would be deemed a criminal offence, give rise to a civil liability, or otherwise is contrary to the law in the United Kingdom.
21.2.3 Which is harmful in nature including, and without limitation, computer viruses, Trojan horses, corrupted data, or other potentially harmful software or data.

21.3 We will fully co-operate with any law enforcement authorities or court order requiring us to disclose the identity or other details of any person posting material to this website in breach of Clause 18

22. Links to and from other websites

22.1 Throughout this Website you may find links to third party websites. The provision of a link to such a website does not mean that we endorse that website.  If you visit any website via a link on this Website you do so at your own risk.
22.2 Any party wishing to link to this website is entitled to do so provided that the conditions below are observed:

22.2.1 You do not seek to imply that we are endorsing the services or products of another party unless this has been agreed with us in writing.
22.2.2 You do not misrepresent your relationship with this website; and the website from which you link to this Website does not contain offensive or otherwise controversial content or, content that infringes any intellectual property rights or other rights of a third party.

22.3 By linking to this Website in breach of Clause 19.2 you shall indemnify us for any loss or damage suffered to this Website as a result of such linking.

23. Disclaimer

23.1 Whilst we do take all reasonable steps to make sure that the information on this website is up to date and accurate at all times we do not guarantee that all material is accurate and/or up to date.
23.2 All material contained on this Website is provided without any warranty of any kind. You use the material on this Website at your own discretion.

24. Exclusion of liability

24.1 We do not accept liability for any loss or damage that you suffer as a result of using this Website.
24.2 Nothing in these Terms of Use shall exclude or limit liability for death or personal injury caused by negligence which cannot be excluded or under the law of the United Kingdom.

25. Law and Jurisdiction

25.1 These terms of use are governed by English law. Any dispute arising in connection with these terms of use shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of England and Wales.