Sometimes we all need a little inspiration, so we put our heads together and came up with a great list of ideas to help with your next fundraising project.

Get the adrenalin pumping.

    1. Bungee jump: Sign up for a charity bungee jump. See if the charity you are supporting organises one. If not ukbungee is a good place to look.
    2. Sky dive: Try jumping out of a plane and see if your friends and family will sponsor you.
    3. Abseil: Abseiling from a tall building has become another way to get the adrenalin going and raise money at the same time.

Food time.

    1. Tea & Coffee Morning: A great way to be social and help a charity at the same time. Add cake and people will keep coming back.
    2. Charity Lunch: Put on lunch for some guests and ask for a donation.
    3. Come dine with me, dinner party: Invite your friends round for a 'Come dine with me' style dinner party.
    4. Cheese and wine party: Invite your cheese and wine loving friends over for a tasting session. You could ask them for a donation, or to pay per taste or just to bring a cheese or bottle of wine.
    5. Bake off!: Have a 'Great British Bake-off' competition and then sell the cakes to raise funds at the end.
    6. Doughnut sale: Buy doughnuts on the cheap from your local bakery and then sell them on. If you want to go a little fancy you can get a deal from krispykreme.

Get Competitive.

    1. Karaoke night: See who has the best singing voice.
    2. Talent contest: Organise a talent contest. Make sure you have some good judges.
    3. Quiz night / pub quiz: Test your knowledge with a quiz. Ask for a charity donation to enter.
    4. Stand-up comedy night: Are there some jokers among your group of friends? Create a stand-up comedy night and ask them to perform. 
    5. Dance-off: Organise a dance-off and see who has the best moves.
    6. Video game tournament: Have a group of friends who like to game? Then set up a tournament. My favourite tournament game is Mario Kart on the N64.
    7. Board game tournament: Think you are a Monopoly master or the Sherlock of the Cluedo board? Then arrange a board-game tournament. 
    8. Knitting competition: Is knitting more your cup of tea? Then why not challenge another knitting friend to a knit-off. You can sell or auction the work at the end.
    9. Photo competition: Get out your camera and show off your skills for a charity photo competition.

Feeling sporty.

    1. Put on your running shoes: Whether it's a marathon or a fun run you can get fit and raise money for charity at the same time.
    2. Swimming: Fancy a dip in the ocean in the middle of winter or a long distance swim? Then you can definitely raise money for charity.
    3. Cycling: London to Brighton, London to Paris, Land's End to John O'Groats - whatever the distance, you can always cycle it for a good cause.
    4. Triathlon: If you like running, swimming and cycling then triathlon is for you. The London triathlon is a great event - you can even do it with your mates as a team relay. 
    5. Golf: Dust off those golf clubs and organise a golf tournament. Or, if you're not a golfing pro you could set up your own crazy golf course for a day.
    6. Football: A great idea for fundraising football fans is a 5-a-side football tournament. Alternatively, if you want something a little easier to organise, then a 'beat the goalie' competition would be great.
    7. Netball: Organise a netball tournament or a shooting competition.
    8. Cricket: A charity cricket match with a half time cake sale is always a good combo.
    9. Rounders: Slip on those 10 pin bowling shoes and get competitive in a charity bowling competition.
    10. Darts: Have a darts tournament. 'Round the world' and 'killer' are fun alternatives to the traditional game of darts.
    11. Tennis: Organise a  doubles tennis tournament.
    12. Sport on the TV: Any big sporting events on the TV, like the Wimbledon final or the Olympics, are great to base a fundraiser around. Try inviting friends over to watch Wimbledon and sell them strawberries and cream for a donation.

Get to work!

    1. Shop packing and bag carrying: Talk to your local store about offering to pack their customer's bags or carry their bags to the car for a donation.
    2. Car cleaning: Cleaning cars for charity. Inside and outside.
    3. Taxi: Offer an airport drop off, or to be a taxi on a saturday night, for a charity donation.
    4. Dog Walking: Organise dog walks with friends or offer to walk people's dogs for a donation.
    5. Dog and cat sitting: Offer to look after pets in return for a donation. Up-sell washing and grooming services if you think you can do it.
    6. Baby sitting: Offer to babysit for a donation.
    7. Busking: If you have a talent, like singing or guitar-playing that people will enjoy, then head to the streets and do a bit of busking for charity.
    8. Flower selling: Horticulture more your thing? Then try selling some of your plants/flowers/produce for charity.
    9. Eco day: Have an eco day with litter picking, tree planting and recycling.
    10. Odd job day: All the odd jobs around the house have a price on them - get as many done as possible.
    11. Car boot sale: Collect all the things in your house you don't need or don't use anymore and take them to a car boot sale. You can then donate the proceeds to charity.
    12. Make it, then sell it: Do some arts and craft or painting and then sell your work for charity.
    13. Fashion show: Put on a fashion show and charge an entrance fee for charity.
    14. Film night: Get friends and family round for a film night. Set up like a proper cinema selling tickets, popcorn and drinks.

Time for a challenge.

    1. Give it up: Give up alcohol, smoking, video games (including candy crush) or even chocolate...
    2. Try breaking a world record: Have a look at the Guinness world records for ideas or think of your own record to break and then do it for charity. Here is the link to the Guiness World Records' applications page for charity record-breaking attempts.
    3. Live below the line: Live off £5 for 5 days. See our blog post on The live below the line challenge for more details and to see how we got on with it.
    4. A hairy challenge: Dye your hair, shave it all off, ask girls to pay to wax guys or just sign up for movember - there are plenty of hairy ways to raise money.

Seasonal fundraising occasions

    1. Bonfire night: Have a bonfire night party.
    2. Valentines day: Sell roses to couples or organise a singles' night.
    3. Pancake day: Have a charity pancake race.
    4. Christmas: Do a Secret santa and buy all the presents through iStreet or sell homemade christmas cards.
    5. Movember: Grow your mo for the month of movember.
    6. Easter: Time for an easter egg hunt.
    7. Summer: Put on a summer ball or a picnic in the park.

Other great fundraising ideas.

    1. Blind Auctions: Ask everyone to bring wrapped gifts as donations to be auctioned off. An inspection period should be offered prior to the start of the auction, during which time bidders can pick up gifts to feel how heavy they are. The gifts are then auctioned off, still wrapped. When all the items have been sold, everyone can open their gift and see what they have won.
    2. Auction of promises: Auction good deeds and donated items from your supporters.
    3. Raffles: A raffle is always a great addition to any fundraising event.
    4. Bring and buy sale: As the name suggests.
    5. Bingo: Put on a bingo night for your chosen cause.
    6. Coppers for charity: Collect all the coppers in your office -  all those small donations add up to make a big difference.

Saving the best till last.

    1. The bonus idea: Sign up to iStreet and raise free donations for your favourite charity when you shop online.


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