How to get the best deal from your energy providerWith energy prices constantly rising it can be easy to become complacent and think you are getting the best deal from your provider. This often isn't the case and we have looked at this in more depth to produce this guide on getting the best deal from your energy provider. 


  1. Review your tariff
    If you have been with the same provider/s for years then the tariff you were put on at the beginning may no longer be the best for you. Energy bills can be confusing at the best of times, especially the technical bit at the top with all your usage etc. Head online or give your provider a call and find out exactly what your tariff entails and if it still best suits your needs.  
  2. Check out your providers website for their cheapest tariff
    It is rare that an energy provider will contact you and tell you they can offer you your gas or electricity cheaper by changing tariff. You will have to do this for yourself and all the information should be clearly displayed on their website. 
  3. Go to a comparison website and see what else is out there 
    If it has come up in conversation and a friend has said they pay way less for their gas or electricity than you do, go to a comparison site and have a look. A few basic questions will bring up a host of results according to your answers. You have to remember that the couple down the road may pay less because they use less, or they could be with a company who offers a more competitive tariff than the one you're with. It doesn't hurt to see what the competition is offering. 

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  4. See what deals are around for new customers 
    One of the bugbears of the energy industry is the great offers they have for new customers but seem to do little for those who have stayed loyal for years.  Again, the best place to find all this information is online and if you can save yourself a substantial sum of money over the first year or so it could be well worth switching. 
  5. Tell them you are leaving
    It never fails to amaze what great deals companies come up with if you say you are leaving. Those crippling monthly or quarterly bills could transform themselves into one affordable monthly payment and be frozen at that price for 2 or 3 years. 
  6. Find out if you are eligible to go on any special schemes 
    If your income has dropped dramatically due to retiring or becoming unable to work many providers offer special schemes to save you money on your energy bills. Those who have key meters which they recharge at Pay-point outlets get vouchers to put on their keys or cards which they take to the post office. Others who receive bills will get a discount applied. Every company has a different criteria for these so if you don't fit your current company's then switch to one you do.