Rugby fans across the world are counting down the days until September 18th when the 8th Rugby World Cup kicks off.

In fact for the Rugby fanatics you can see exactly how many days, hours, minutes & seconds till the opening rugby game at Twickenham below...

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Hosted in England, tickets have been like gold dust but those fans who don't have tickets to the actual games needn't miss out. We've compiled this check list for everyone who wants to watch the excitement unfold outside of the grounds where all the action is taking place. This one stop guide tells you where to find the fixture list including the ones to watch, where to go to plan your viewing and how to watch it if you're abroad.

Find out your team's schedule 

Even though the World Cup is being held in England we are now such a diverse society that not everyone will be England supporters! The first match on the 18th September at 20:00 is England V Fiji at Twickenham. Full fixture details can be found on the official 2015 Rugby World Cup Final website at or keep up to date with the Official Rugby World Cup Mobile App available for ios and android phones, some of the features include a weekly video quiz, latest news, pools and trivia quiz's.

World Cup Team Predictions by Pool

RWC Pools

Here are our predictions for this years world cup...

Pool A - England, Wales, Australia, Fiji and Uruguay

This is going to be a tough group for those involved, in fact it's already been labelled the 'Pool of Death' - Pool A pulls together three of the top-six ranked team - England (fourth), Wales (fifth) and Australia (sixth). We predict...

England - Runners Up (Quick stat - out of the previous 7 world cups the host has made it to the final in 5 of them)
Australia - Quarter Finals
Wales - Group Stage
Fiji - Group Stage
Uruguay - Group Stage

Pool B - South Africa, Samoa, Japan, Scotland and USA

In this Pool we expect South Arfica to progress easily and then being a tough fight between Samoa and Scotland, with the latter eventually coming out on top. We predict...

South Africa - Semi-Finals
Scotland - Quarter Finals
Samoa - Group Stage
Japan - Group Stage
USA - Group Stage

Pool C - New Zealand, Argentina, Tonga, Georgia and Namibia

This Pool contains the defending champions and overwhelming favourites New Zealand, we expect them to sail through this stage and defend their title. With Argentina also reaching the next stage. We predict...

New Zealand - Winners
Argentina - Quarter Finals
Tonga - Group Stage
Georgia - Group Stage
Namibia - Group Stage

Pool D - France, Ireland, Italy, Canada and Romania

Pool D is expected to be a two horse race between Ireland and France. It is unlikely that either team will be challenged in their efforts to reach the next round. We predict...

Ireland - Semi-Finals
France - Quarter Finals
Italy - Group Stage
Romania - Group Stage
Canada - Group Stage

The Final

Rugby is without a doubt one of the most engrossing sports to watch. Even if England fail to reach the final, sorry but anything's possible, you will still want to watch the final. As this is a big event planning a finals night and getting your mates round, or going to one of their houses, is a lot more fun than watching it on your own. Get this organised in advance, be it in a house or a pub, so when the final rolls around you can just relax and enjoy 2 outstanding teams doing what they do best. 

Here is a throwback to that memorable day when England clinched the 2003 Rugby World Cup, here's to the next one.