This Monday marks the start of 'the' sporting event of the summer - Wimbledon. A quintessential part of British summer time for over 130 years. 

Rain or shine, two blissful weeks of tennis, strawberries and pitchers of Pimms (oh, and not forgetting the all familiar BBC Coverage) gently ease us into summer! 

Founded in 1877, The Championships, Wimbledon, is the oldest tennis tournament in the world. Throughout its years, many changes have been made, during the Second World War Centre Court was used as a bomb store and a farmyard was added to the grounds. In 2009, the retractable roof was fitted on Centre Court, a move which put an end to the often lengthy stop of play and comedic sheltering under umbrellas from the rain which shows its face all too regularly at Wimbledon! 

Traditions such as ball boys (ball girls later added to the proceedings) appearances from members of the Royal Family and a splash of orange squash to quench the players' thirst between sets only make us proud of our Wimbledon heritage. 

If you fancy trying your luck at becoming the next Champion, here's some essential gear you will need. 

So, for starters, essential equipment is a tennis racket and plenty of tennis balls without these, the playing of the game will be impossible. Tennis rackets need to be lightweight and the correct length, you don't want to be missing any shots! 

Tennis wear is also next on the shopping list. This needs to be crisp and white. After all, the rules state that full white or near to full white clothing must be worn by all Wimbledon competitors. A pair of comfortable trainers worn with very supportive socks will also be a priority. 

And if you are going all out tennis pro (think Roger Federer) a sweatband is a big must and, teamed with a pair of matching wristbands, will leave spectators in no doubt that you know your stuff when you stroll into the local tennis club to show off your talent!  

If all else fails, there's always swing ball!

Sports Direct has a massive range of tennis gear that will be sure to set you on your way into next year's Wimbledon. For new customers, Sports Direct will donate 5% of your total to your chosen charity. If you are already an existing customer how does 2% sound? 

Now you absolutely can't let Wimbledon pass by without enjoying at least one bowl of strawberries and cream. Head over to Ocado, and stock up on British strawberries and plenty of single cream. Heading down to Wimbledon to catch some of the action? You can buy cans of pre-mixed Pimms and lemonade.  For those not so lucky to be sitting in the (fingers crossed) sunshine on Henman Hill, don't miss out on Ocado's great deals on bottled Pimms.

And if this is your first time shopping at Ocado, you can raise a £6 donation to the charity of your choice! 

We only wish we were better at tennis, but seeing as there's no time like the present, perhaps at least we can have "all the gear and no idea" as they say, even if we will never get a look in on the £1,880,000 winner's prize.