The music festival seasons kicks off on Wednesday with the start of Glastonbury. For those music lovers heading to a festival this summer, we have compiled a list of music festival must-haves!

First and foremost, you absolutely need a tent. It also needs to be a tent that you can find amongst thousands of other tents that look exactly the same. It's also worth getting one which if the side gets ripped off by you tripping over the guide ropes at 4:00 am, won't bring tears to your eyes. It does, however, need to be a tent that you can actually fit in, your back will thank you later. Unless you fancy freezing and potentially catching pneumonia, a decent sleeping bag will also need to be high on your priority list. Check out the sleeping bag suit - the ultimate in festival warmth and comfort!

The ground really can be very hard or really very muddy, so a decent inflatable chair will also be a must.

Now, we're no meteorologist, but it's almost certain that at some point it will rain, this can range from light drizzle to a full blown monsoon. It is Britain after all, so it’s best to prepare for the latter and get yourself a pair of tried and trusted wellington boots! Yes, they may remind you of school trips to farms, but without these your festival experience could well be 4 days of mud clad misery. A rain poncho could be handy here too! And because this is the UK, and our weather system works in mysterious ways, it’s probably wise to pack some sun cream. The lobster look has never and will never be ‘in’, so why not try a once a day application such as Riemann P20. 

Let’s face it, if festival showers are anything like the toilets, you probably aren't going to want to use them, so why not bring your own shower! You will be the envy of all your smelly friends, but for those who rely more on the shower in a can (that's deodorant to you and I) make sure you have plenty, otherwise out of sheer desperation, you may be inclined to purchase a can for £10 from a vendor in an act that can only be described as daylight robbery! 

It's not worth bringing all of your worldly processions with you to a festival, however, there will be things that you can't go without. You will need money, and unless you fancy wandering around lost for hours on end, your mobile phone will also be a must. Phones will run out of battery, probably before the end of the first day, so why not get yourself a solar powered phone charger? Not only incredibly handy but also very kind on the environment too! For the security conscious who know that sadly festivals are a haven of pickpockets, be wise and hide your personal possessions by wearing a money belt. Sure, they are not the coolest of things but it’s better to be safe than sorry. 

Festivals are dark places at night time, and when surrounded by pitch black darkness, the simplest of tasks become something worthy of a game show challenge. A decent torch will be essential, try a wind-up torch to escape any danger of batteries running out. 

We are not all happy campers and hard-core enough to brave a festival, so for those with a VIP ticket to the sofa and all exclusive red button coverage, plenty of drinks and snacks at arm’s reach will be paramount, and a mini fridge is the perfect place for stashing the snacks. If watching the festival makes you feel nostalgic and sad that you didn't make it there you could always drag the TV into the garden, erect a tent and pretend that you are there too, but with all the luxury of a clean flushing toilet - perfect! 

All of these products were found on Amazon. If you fancy making a donation to the charity of your choice, purchase through iStreet and Amazon will donate 3% of your total to charity!