Retired Greyhound TrustThe thought of greyhounds instantly provokes visions and often memories of a night at the races. But what happens to them after racing…

Greyhound in bluebellsOnce the favoured dog of Pharaohs, greyhounds have a history traceable back over 4000 years, even featuring in early cave drawings! The love for this beautiful breed has been shared by the noblemen and gentry of England since the Roman times. 

Greyhounds are naturally very quick and were originally bred for coursing and hunting, making them perfect for racing. But after around 3 to 4 years, a greyhound’s racing career comes to an end and they need a loving home to retire in. Around 8000 greyhounds retire from racing each year and this is where the Retired Greyhound Trust comes in.

Many greyhounds have lived exclusively in kennels, so when given the opportunity to live in a comfortable house with all the luxuries on offer, you can imagine that most greyhounds adapt incredibly well to the change! And like most dogs, greyhounds are most at home on a comfortable bed asleep after a good walk!

The Retired Greyhound Trust have rehomed in excess of 60,000 greyhounds, making them the largest single breed animal charity in Britain. RGT work around the clock caring for the hounds until the best possible match between owner and greyhound has been found.

Greyhound We recently spoke to the RGT who gave us this statement…

"Since 1975, we have strived for the day when no greyhound is without a good home. Without rehoming available it is hard to say what would happen, but we are driven by our passion to take care of as many hounds as we can to ensure they get into good homes. We work with around 1,000 volunteers from the Isle of Skye to Jersey to ensure these greyhounds have the best chance to find a loving home. Generous donations through iStreet help us pay for the greyhounds' veterinary expenses. We ensure that every dog we home has been vaccinated, neutered and has had dental treatments. With 1,000 dogs in our care at any point in time, this can be quite an expense, so funds raised will get the greyhounds ready to go into their home.  

Looking forward to the future, we are going to continue sharing our story about greyhounds and tell the public why they make amazing pets. This is one of the world's oldest dog breeds and they have been amazing pets for thousands of years."

rtgWe can't all welcome a dog into our busy lives or homes; however you can still help the Retired Greyhound Trust continue their great work by using iStreet to shop online - Support Retired Greyhound Trust

After all, Dogs are a Man's best friend!