Getting Started
It's possible to buy millions of products and raise endless free donations for your favourite charity or cause - at no extra cost - using iStreet. The first thing you need to do is make sure you have selected the cause you wish to support from the 'Find a Cause' section. Then follow this guide for a step by step:

1. Browse our list of over 1,200 top retailers

Step one using iStreet

Say you need to buy something from John Lewis and at the same time you'd like to raise a free donation. Just search for John Lewis within the 'Shop' section of iStreet. Once you've located it, click  'Shop Now' and you will then be taken through to the John Lewis site.  

2. Shop as normal

Step two using iStreet

By clicking through from iStreet too John Lewis, John Lewis will be able to allocate the donation to iStreet and your chosen cause. Now all you need to do is shop as you normally would.

3. Visit your 'My Page' to view your donations

Step three using iStreet

Once you've made a purchase and checked out, John Lewis will donate a percentage of your spend, free, to charity.  We then collate these donations and pass them onto your chosen cause. Some donations can take a bit longer than others to appear in your 'My Page' section. At times it can take up to 30 days for your donation to appear.

LightbulbTop Tip - It's even easier if you install the Reminder Gadget

Install iStreetBy installing this clever gadget you can skip the first step. The gadget provides a small reminder when you are on one of our participating retailers websites. All you then need to do is click the reminder to receive any eligible donations. This will ensure you never miss a free donation again.

In fact it's so good that users who have installed the gadget raise, on average, up to 5x more for their chosen cause, than those who don't. Available for your desktop or laptop! Install iStreet

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