Easter, an opportunity to feast on chocolate for three days straight, surely any chocolate lovers dream? But we see the same old Easter eggs every year - the standard and perhaps boring small hollow egg with a bar of chocolate to accompany it... So this year why not wow your nearest and dearest with something a little different?

We've rounded up 5 of our favourite Easter egg's.

Is it acceptable to eat chocolate for breakfast? We certainly think so, and the Chocolate Egg on Toast makes the perfect start to your Easter Sunday, served up on a plate for the ultimate breakfast in bed.

The thought of a Marmite flavoured Easter egg will either send shivers down your spine or rumbles in your belly. Love it or hate it, we're sure you'll agree that something about it screams "try me"! 

Trick your family and friends with a Chocolate Hen Egg. Don't be deceived, although they may appear to be the humble egg, they are in fact filled with delicious hazelnut and almond praline. Perhaps not so great for scrambling, but delicious for eating! 

Who said Easter eggs are just for Humans! The Easter Egg for Dog's would be the ideal treat for your canine friend - thats if your Dog doesn't catch the Easter Bunny first! 

And if delicious Easter eggs aren't your thing, how does Growing Your Own Pet Chicken sound? Simply drop it into water and watch it hatch before your eyes. 

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